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Jain Temple

Badagao is a small town situated 5 KM from Khekra Town. Badagao is connected via road from Khekra Town. This place is only famous for one of the most illustrious Jain Temple.

According to the local myth this temple was supposed to be one of centuries and millennium old huge magnificent Temple in the region, but due to natural calamity and change of time descended in to the ground and disappeared. 

However during early 20th century Ailak Anantkirti (a Jain Priest) got self-intuition about the existence of such temple at this place. He then initiated research at this place. Later as a result of excavation 10 Jain Idols were received buried under the ground, out of which 7 were made of stone and 3 were made of metal. Among these idols one diamond idol with five fingers found Khandit (broken idols which can not be worshipped) left in to the river Yamuna. There is no evidence left on metal idols but 5 stone idols has inscription of 12th and 13th century. Later in year xxxx a new Jain Temple was built.