About District

The city was originally known as ‘Vyagprastha’ – Land of Tigers (because of the population of tigers found many centuries ago. There are many versions of the story as to how the city derived it’s name. One version states that the city’s original name was ‘Vyagprasth’, while according to another version, the city has derived its name from the Hindi word ‘Vakyaprasth’, which means place of delivering speeches. Inspired by such words and versions, the city was finally named ‘BAGHPAT’ or ‘BAGPAT’ during the Mughal Era. After the mutiny of 1857 , the city gained importance and was established as the headquaters of Tehsil Baghpat. The city was previously as small town and had a small commercial center known as the Mandi . This mandi is now more than 200 years old and was set up by Jabita Khan , son of Ruhela Chief of Najibabad ( Bijnore ) Najib Khan . The main commercial activity of the people living in this region is making and selling GUD and Sugar . Apart from this, there are certain units who are involved in the making of shoes and agricultural equipments.

Fact Files

District Baghpat is one of the district of Uttar Pradesh.The city is Located on the banks of river Yamuna at 28O57’ North Latitude and 77O13’ East Longitude.It is 52 KM from Meerut City and is on the main Delhi – Sharanpur Highway around 40 KM from Delhi.In the north of the district baghpat there is district Muzaffarnagar,in the south district Ghaziabad,in the west river Yamuna and district Rohtak of Harayana.The shape of the district Baghpat is rectangular which area is more in north to south than east to west.It is very closely located to (around 40 Km) the national capital New Delhi.

Area :- 1321 Sq Km Population :- 1163991

Headquarter: Baghpat
Unit Census 1991 Census 2001
Area 1321 1321
Population ‘000 1030.40 1164.38
Male ‘000 560.484 630.484
Female ‘000 469.91 533.91
Sex Ratio 838 860
Population Density Sq.Km. 742 742
SC Population ‘000 125 127.81
ST Population ‘000 0
Height Above Sea Level Mt. 223
Male %age 51.45 77.00
Female %age 24.58 49.2
Occupational Distribution
Cultivators ‘000 246 123
Agricultural Labours ‘000 201 137
Temperature(Max,Min) 42.2,0
Climate Tropical / Moderate
Languages Hindi, Urdu, English
Festivals Dusherra, Holi, Diwali, Kartik Purnima, Rakshbandhan, Navratre
Administrative Setup
Tehsils Nos. 03
Blocks Nos. 06
Gram Sabhas Nos. 237
No. of Inhabited villages Nos. 290
Uninhabited villages Nos. 225
Police Stations Nos. 10
Nyaya Panchayats Nos. 46
Post Offices Nos. 143
Telegram Nos. 6
Bank Nos. 54
Co-operative Bank Nos. 15
Share of Major Crops
Wheat Hect. 52,787 1998-99
Paddy Hect. 5,300
Sugarcane Hect. 50,293
Pulses Hect. 3,826
Oilseeds Hect. 1,602
Potatoes Hect. 547
Maize Hect. 6,225

Convenience Distance

Nearest Airport : IGI,Delhi-80KM
Nearest Railway Station: Baghpat Road-Aggarwal Mandi (Tatiri) 2KM
Nearest Bus : Stand:Baghpat -Meerut Road

Distance to Nearby Town

Khekra : 11KM
Baraut : 24 KM

Distance to Other Places

Baghpat to Delhi : 40KM
Baghpat to Meerut 52KM
Baghpat to Ghaziabad: 55 KM
Baghpat to Saharanpur: 128KM
Baghpat to Lucknow: 510KM