Baghpat town lies on the east bank of the Yamuna River, and is within the National Capital Region. It has an agriculture-based economy with sugarcane as the main crop, followed by wheat, mustard and vegetables. There are three sugar mills in the district: Bagpat Co-operative Sugar Mills Ltd., Ramala Co-operative Sugar Mills Ltd. and SBEC Sugar Mills Ltd., which are sited in Bagpat, Ramala and Malakpur, respectively.

Baraut, another small city in the district, is known for Digambar Jain College and Jat College (now called Janta Vedic College). It is also famous for the Rim and Dhura as well as its agricultural implements industry. The prominent Ganga Ram Kishorilal family used to be well known in the area, as they owned vast agricultural lands and several mills including the Ganga Oil Mill, which operated pre-independence up to the 1960s and was famous for its pure mustard oil.

Badagaon is another well-known village, which is famed for the Digamber Jain temple.