Sajal Baghpat Abhiyan 26 March 2023

Part 3 of the Sajal Baghpat Abhiyan was launched in the district to clean the Hindon and Krishna rivers.

* Minister in-charge Mr. Jaswant Saini and Commissioner Mrs. Shelva Kumari inaugurated the revival work of Teda drain *

*For the purpose of purifying the Hindon river and to supply water to the river, a labor campaign was carried out on a 12.5 km drain.

Officers, employees and common citizens are doing shramdaan to clean and revive the rivers, you should also contribute.

Baghpat 26 March 2023 — With the aim of conserving every single drop of rain and raising the water level of the district, the District Magistrate Mr. Raj Kamal Yadav started the Sajal Baghpat campaign from Nagla Jafrabad on May 3, 2022, in which he first covered 16 kms. The long old drain was renovated by running a campaign, since then till today the District Magistrate Sajal Baghpat is committed to the campaign. Today Teda Drain Revival Shramdan campaign under Sajal Baghpat Abhiyan was inaugurated by Chief Guest Mr. Jaswant Singh Saini, Minister in-charge of District, Hon’ble Minister of State, Parliamentary Affairs and Industrial Development Department, Uttar Pradesh and Commissioner Meerut Division, Meerut Mrs. Selva Kumari J. from Dhanaura Silver Nagar to be done.

District Magistrate Mr. Rajkamal Yadav is very serious about Sajal Baghpat campaign, his campaign was appreciated by Meerut Divisional Commissioner Mrs. Shelva Kumari ji Meerut. The commissioner inspired everyone to make the Hindon river clean and said that this campaign will continue till the Hindon and Krishna rivers become clean, so that the water level can increase and there will be no shortage of water in the district. There should be no shortage of Sajal Baghpat, the District Magistrate is determined to continue the campaign.

In Part 3 of Sajal Baghpat Abhiyan today, 15 JCBs were run at 11 points over 12.5 km and officers and employees enthusiastically participated at all points, from Meerapur Rajwaha to Idgah, from Idgah to Bedu Bhoop Singh’s farm, from Bedu Bhoop Singh’s farm Upto Teda Canal, from Teda village border to Khindaura Talab, from Khindaura Talab to Aminagar Sarai Road, from Khindaura Sarai Road to Fatehpur Sarai Road, from Fatehpur Sarai Road to Sarai Hisavda Road before Khasra No. 421, from Khasra No. 421 to Sarai Hisavda Road, from Sarai Hisavda Road to Mirapur Rajwaha, from Mirapur Rajwaha to Indraprastha College, from Indraprastha College to Meerut Baghpat Road, work was done by the administration for the revival of the drain.

The District Magistrate said that with the works being done under the Sajal Baghpat campaign, where the Hindon river will be recharged, there will be free flow of water in the reservoirs as well. Excess water from the canals will also be released into this regenerated water harvesting area. Along with this, there will be an increase in the ground water level due to water conservation during the rainy season.

Mr. Jaswant Singh Saini, Minister in-charge of the District, Hon’ble Minister of State, Parliamentary Affairs and Industrial Development Department, Uttar Pradesh and Commissioner, Meerut Division, Meerut, Mrs. Selva Kumari J. praised the Sajal Baghpat campaign dedicated to water conservation and said that the district administration should make Sajal Baghpat Common people are also becoming partners in the work being done under the leadership of the Minister, which will soon bring positive results. On the other hand, the villagers also welcomed the officials by raising slogans of ‘Administration going to the village’ and taking shovels etc. themselves participated in the work.

The progress of restoration and purification of Hindon and Krishna rivers has been accelerated.

On this occasion Additional District Magistrate Pratipal Chauhan, Chief Development Officer ML Vyas, Project Director Vidya Nath Shukla, Divisional Forest Officer Hemant Seth, Executive Engineer Irrigation Utkarsh Bhardwaj, District Horticulture Officer Arun Kumar Dinesh, District Sugarcane Officer Anil Bharti, District Panchayat Raj Officer Including all SDMs, Tehsildars were present.

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