Vibhajan Vibhishika Memorial day

Vibhajan Vibhishika exhibition organized on the occasion of Vibhajan Vibhishika Memorial Day at Vikas Bhawan.

Baghpat 14 August 2023 — Lakhs of people struggled due to hatred and violence and sacrificed their lives during the partition of the country. In his memory, ‘Vibhajan Vibhishika Memorial Day’ is being celebrated today on 14th August.

In the order of which, an exhibition of Vibhajan Vibhishika was organized at Vikas Bhawan Auditorium in Baghpat today, which was observed by District Magistrate Mr. Jitendra Pratap Singh.

Today, this day is to strengthen our unity, social harmony and human sensibilities. In the Vibhajan Vibhishika exhibition 52-page poster very finely depicting the partition created by the students, teachers of basic education, were displayed . Demonstration of Vibhajan Vibhishika through painting, the District Magistrate instructed the District Basic Shiksha Adhikari to honor all those who have presented a good art and  message giving pictures in the exhibition, should be encouraged.

विभाजन विभीषिका स्मृति 1   विभाजन विभीषिका स्मृति 2   विभाजन विभीषिका स्मृति 3   विभाजन विभीषिका स्मृति 4   विभाजन विभीषिका स्मृति 5   विभाजन विभीषिका स्मृति 6

Today, on the occasion of Vibhajan Vibhishika Memorial Day, a peace march was taken out from Vikas Bhawan to the Collectorate and 2 minutes silence was observed in the Collectorate premises.

Additional District Magistrate Mr. Pankaj Verma, Chief Development Officer Mr. M.L. Vyas, District Basic Shiksha Adhikari Akanksha Rawat, DC NRLM V.P. Singh, District Panchayat Raj Officer Amit Tyagi, all district level officers etc were present on this occasion.


Paidal Yatra विभाजन विभीषिका स्मृति 1    Paidal yatra विभाजन विभीषिका स्मृति 4    Paidal Yatra विभाजन विभीषिका स्मृति 2   Paidal yatra विभाजन विभीषिका स्मृति 3


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