Program of Global Investors Summit – 2023

10/02/2023 - 31/12/2023

*Entrepreneurs and officials saw the live telecast of the program of the Honorable Prime Minister on the Collectorate Lok Manch*

Live telecast of Honorable Prime Minister’s program organized from Lucknow for Global Investors Summit-2023 was seen on Collectorate Lok Manch.

In order to promote new industries in district Baghpat and to increase the capacity of pre-established industries, “Investment Kumbh” was organized under the Global Investor Summit 2023 in Baghpat, in which entrepreneurs setting up industries in the district participated and the program Watched the live broadcast of

The District Magistrate said that both development and investment are increasing rapidly in Baghpat, it is the most useful district of NCR for doing industry in Baghpat, there are immense possibilities for investors to invest here.

*On the occasion of the conclusion of the Investors Summit organized in Lucknow, the live telecast of the program of His Excellency the President was seen in the Collectorate Auditorium on 12-02-2022*

17000 crores will be invested in Baghpat through 114 proposals.

A plant to generate electricity from wind will be set up in Baghpat at a cost of 8000 crores.

*Possibilities of employment for more than 50,000 people in Baghpat*

17000 crores will be invested in Baghpat through 114 proposals, in which the biggest investment will be to set up a wind power plant by Onyx Structures Pvt Ltd, a Gujarat company which has entered into an AMOU with the government. Will be ready in which more than 1000 people will have employment possibilities. Gujarat’s company is also coming forward to invest in Baghpat.

The District Magistrate said that no entrepreneur will be allowed to face any problem in the district. All problems will be solved quickly. With the establishment of enterprises, employment generation, economic development and rapid development of all areas will be possible. Work with all the officers and investors in a team spirit. Only by doing this, rapid industrial development will be possible.

Impressed by the program under the Investor Summit held in the district, the entrepreneurs thanked the District Magistrate.

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